Fashion Mesh 2 x 1 Sports Bra

Size Guide

This fashion mesh sports bra is the hottest thing in the world! With a super unique & sexy look, this sports bra also offers style & comfort for your workouts. The custom designed mesh is a trendy style every woman loves. Time to kick some butt with this badass top for your next workout!

  •  Super cute & stylish
  • Push up bra for a full look!
  • Durable & Supportive with removable cups
  • Sweat resistant material to keep you dry & comfortable
  • Freedom of movements

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Size Chart


Size Waist Inseam
XS 25-26" 32"
S 27-28" 32"
M 29-30" 32"
L 31-32" 32"
XL 33-34" 32"


Size Bust
XS 32-33"
S 34-35"
M 36-37"
L 38-39"
XL 40-41"