Hot Dangerous- Blue Allure

Live on the dark side where the name of the game is curves, and the feeling of sexiness comes from your own strength. With a detailed risqué pattern following your curves, these Hot Dangerous Leggings are a game changer! Our signature high waisted band is designed to sculpt your figure. Made to bring fitness and lifestyle together. Best Seller! 

    • Soft yarn & flexible
    • 92% Nylon, 8% Spandex
    • Shape your curves
    • Detailed pattern

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    Size Chart


    Size Waist Inseam
    XS 25-26" 32"
    S 27-28" 32"
    M 29-30" 32"
    L 31-32" 32"
    XL 33-34" 32"


    Size Bust
    XS 32-33"
    S 34-35"
    M 36-37"
    L 38-39"
    XL 40-41"