Tired of weak, see through leggings? We get it! These Moto Ninja Leggings are custom built to match your strength. Made for badass women, the leather like pockets and mesh accent on the sides are the perfect duo & a great place for your phone. Feel sexy and confident at the gym in your own skin. Suit up, you're a strong girl, you deserve strong leggings!

  • "I feel like wonder woman"
  • Mesh Accents/Leather like pockets
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Four-Way Stretch

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Size Chart


Size Waist Inseam
XS 25-26" 32"
S 27-28" 32"
M 29-30" 32"
L 31-32" 32"
XL 33-34" 32"


Size Bust
XS 32-33"
S 34-35"
M 36-37"
L 38-39"
XL 40-41"